GL Designs Black Jade & Synthetic Opal Damascus 4 1/4" Button Lock Knife
Santa Fe Stoneworks

GL Designs Black Jade & Synthetic Opal Damascus 4 1/4" Button Lock Knife

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Santa Fe Stoneworks Masterpiece Collection

This outstanding knife is based on the second knife design by Miles and Anna Wirtel featuring a Wave Damascus steel blade and Titanium body. This knife is 4 1/2” closed with a 4 1/4” blade and pocket clip. This knife is inlaid on both sides. 

This One-of-a-Kind knife is the fruit of a collaboration between GL Designs and Santa Fe Stoneworks. These knives are the result of the creative efforts that are inspired by the desire to push the limits of design and technique. There is only one knife available in each pattern offered in this collection, so once these are gone there won't be any others. Own something completely distinctive, from some of the most talented inlay artists working today. 

This Damascus blade knife has an inlay of Black Jade highlighted with Synthetic Opal with a modern sweep pattern executed in Black Jade and Sterling Silver, with a Sterling Silver outline. 

Black Jade is an extremely tough stone, and in ancient China some of the very first knives were made from jade. As a handle material, Black Jade offers excellent durability combined with exceptional beauty.

The Synthetic Opal used in the center of the handle was chosen for its beauty, the design envisioned for this knife was originally created with opal in mind, but natural opal in this size would be prone to fracturing and chipping even under gentle handling, so Synthetic Opal was utilized in order to retain the beauty of the design but offer a durable finished handle. 

The decorative metalwork that brings this design together is executed in Sterling Silver, and adds a precious finish to this outstanding design. 

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