El Rey- Damasteel Blade- Ocean Picture Stone
Santa Fe Stoneworks

El Rey- Damasteel Blade- Ocean Picture Stone

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From initial concept to final product, these Santa Fe Stoneworks Custom Collection knives feature design and an attention to detail that sets them apart as true examples of the knife makers art. Designed by Miles and Anna Wirtel these beautiful knives feature 4 1/4" Titanium bodies, Bi-Frost 3 1/4" Damasteel Blade, Mother of Pearl button locks and are inlaid with some of the best quality materials from the workshop of Santa Fe Stoneworks. 


The BC Ocean Picture Stone is a rare blend of art and well-being, found exclusively in British Columbia. Each naturally formed stone illustrates serene marine landscapes, offering a profound connection to the earth and sea. It stands as a haven of peace and creativity, and a visual reminder of natural splendor. Beyond its beauty, this stone is also valued for its soothing effects on stress and anxiety, its capability to promote muscle relaxation, and enhance sleep. An integral well-being ally, uniting natural elegance with vitality.

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