El Rey- DLC caoted VG-10 blade- Jade
Santa Fe Stoneworks

El Rey- DLC caoted VG-10 blade- Jade

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From initial concept to final product, these Santa Fe Stoneworks Custom Collection knives feature design and an attention to detail that sets them apart as true examples of the knife makers art. Designed by Miles and Anna Wirtel these beautiful knives feature 4 1/4" Titanium bodies, VG 10 Steel with 3 1/4" Black DLC (Diamond Like Coating) Blade, Mother of Pearl button locks and are inlaid with some of the best quality materials from the workshop of Santa Fe Stoneworks. Feature in British Columbia Jade. British Columbia (BC), Canada is the largest producer and exporter of nephrite jade in the world. All of the known jade deposits in BC are of the nephrite variety, occurring at over fifty known occurrences. Nephrite jade is typically found in bedrock deposits, boulder fields or talus occurrences. The bedrock occurrences are typically lens shaped and occur at or near contacts of mafic-ultramafic rocks (mainly serpentinite).

 The best nephrite is usually bought by master carvers or high-end manufacturers and transformed into expensive jewelery or artwork pieces, which are always in demand internationally. 

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