EL REY- Damasteel blade Solid METEORITE handles
Santa Fe Stoneworks

EL REY- Damasteel blade Solid METEORITE handles

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From initial concept to final product, these Santa Fe Stoneworks Custom Collection knives feature design and an attention to detail that sets them apart as true examples of the knife makers art. Designed by Miles and Anna Wirtel these beautiful knives feature 4 1/4" Titanium bodies, Bi-Frost 3 1/4" Damasteel Blade, Mother of Pearl button locks and are inlaid with some of the best quality materials from the workshop of Santa Fe Stoneworks.


Muonionalusta Meteorite inlay.  One of the first of it's kind.  The Meteorite is from Sweden, it is literally out of this World!

Studies have shown it to be the oldest discovered meteorite impacting the Earth during the Quaternary Period, about one million years ago. It is quite clearly part of the iron core or mantle of a planetoid, which shattered into many pieces upon its fall on our planet.[5] Since landing on Earth the meteorite has experienced four ice ages. It was unearthed from a glacial moraine in the northern tundra. It has a strongly weathered surface covered with cemented faceted pebbles


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