"Tesoro" Button Lock - Damasteel Peitersite
Santa Fe Stoneworks

"Tesoro" Button Lock - Damasteel Peitersite

Regular price $625.00

Model: Damasteel Tesoro

Frame: Titanium

Blade: Damasteel Odins Heim

Lock Type: Button Lock

Material: Pietersite is characterized by it's distinctive swirls or streaks of gold or orange, due to the crocidolite inclusions within a microcrystalline silica host. Crocidolite is the same material responsible for tiger's eye chatoyancy. When polished, the inclusions in pietersite exhibit chaotic chatoyancy whereas in tiger's eye, the inclusions are arranged in parallel lines and give the appearance of a continuous line. 

PVD Coated: Gold Hardware and Blue Clip

Anodized: Velvet Blue High Polish

New Features: Peitersite handle is finished with a domed finish. The stone is polished to 12,000 grit diamond.

Price: $625.00

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