Tesoro Button Lock: Damasteel Gemstone Exotic Collection
Santa Fe Stoneworks

Tesoro Button Lock: Damasteel Gemstone Exotic Collection

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Santa Fe Stoneworks Custom Collection

This is the second version of the original Santa Fe Stoneworks button lock knife, the “Tesoro”. This model has a Titanium body weighing only 2.3 oz. These Tesoro models feature an Odin Heim Damasteel blade. Damasteel is a forged one-of-a-kind Damascus made in Sweden. It is best known for its excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, superior edge sharpness and cutting ability. It is also known as the best overall stainless Damascus-patterned steel resulting in a homogenous product. This knife is designed and made with full attention to detail, fit and form. 

The Italian word for beautiful or treasured is “Tesoro”. We hope you will enjoy your “Dama-Tesoro”. 

Material - Gemstone Exotic Collection 

Kingman Blue and Green Turquoise and Obsidian from Arizona; Abalone from the Baja, Bronze and Zinc from Mother Earth. Toss in some alchemy and the artisan’s eye for spectacular color combinations and you have our new Gemstone Exotic Collection. The Gemstone Exotic Collection is a limited series that we will offer until our supply of this extraordinarily beautiful material is exhausted. Functional, beautiful and of the highest quality. "

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