Tesoro- Damasteel blade- Polychrome Turquoise with Custom Hand engraving by Adam Garret Jewelry
Santa Fe Stoneworks

Tesoro- Damasteel blade- Polychrome Turquoise with Custom Hand engraving by Adam Garret Jewelry

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This is the second version of the original Santa Fe Stoneworks button lock knife, the “Tesoro”. This model has a Titanium body weighing only 2.3 oz. These Tesoro models feature an Odin Heim Damasteel blade. Damasteel is a forged one-of-a-kind Damascus made in Sweden. It is best known for its excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, superior edge sharpness and cutting ability. It is also known as the best overall stainless Damascus-patterned steel resulting in a homogenous product. This knife is designed and made with full attention to detail, fit and form. 

The Italian word for beautiful or treasured is “Tesoro”. We hope you will enjoy your “Dama-Tesoro”. 

This model features custom hand engraving by Master Engraver Adam Garret Jewelry from Portland.  With amazing design and style his engraving work caught our eye right away.  He has added 24 carat gold with a one-of-a-kind Tesoro.  

      Adam Garret was introduced to the fine art of Hand Engraving in 2009 a few years after starting his jewelry career in Michigan by master engraver Christian DeCamillis. After only taking a few weekend courses and purchasing equipment, he embarked on a self discovery and journey to teach himself how to master the art form and techniques needed to produce museum quality artwork.

       Early in his career he combined geometric designs as well as Polynesian designs with classic scrollwork, which had never been seen before in the art realm of hand engraving, thus creating a unique twist and niche in the underground art world revered and duplicated by many.

       Adam is a master at fusing various jewelry techniques including, but not limited to, hand fabrication, wax carving, hand engraving, precious metal inlays, and precision stone setting. That paired with high end materials such as 24k gold, pure platinum, fine silver, Damascus steel, beautiful gem stones, carbon fiber and meteorite, he creates one of kind pendants, rings, earrings, money clips, cuff links, belt buckles and other things unlike anyone in the game.

      His most recent accomplishments include a fully engraved Gibeon meteorite gun loaded with inlays of 24k gold, custom titanium knife handles by Santa Fe Stone Works, custom 18k gold rings with fine silver inlays and a new line of stainless steel production jewelry. To see more of his work please visit his Instagram @noble23

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