Malachite & Mother of Pearl - Spyderco Dragonfly
Santa Fe Stoneworks

Malachite & Mother of Pearl - Spyderco Dragonfly

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In the early 1980’s Sal Glesser, the owner of Spyderco Knives and Accessories out of Golden, Colorado, contacted us about customizing his knives. We developed the SpyderWeb design, as well as a fan design that enhances the shape of the knife specifically for them. We continue to offer these designs exclusively on Spydercos.

Spyderco Clip-its come with a round hole in the blade for one-handed opening, a clip on the back to securely attach the knife in your pocket or purse or as a money clip, and the famous Spyderedge TM, a serrated knife blade that cuts like a saw. Spyderco’s philosophy is simple. Consistently deliver reliable high performance. Period.

This knife has a pocket clip, so it only available Single Sided.

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